Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So here we go...

Well this is my first time blogging, making this my first blog… Anyways here’s a little about myself:
I just graduated from high school in Nashville, TN where I spent four, um…interesting years and managed to get out with my principles intact. I decided that college is not really for me quite yet, so I deferred my admission to American University and decided to take a year to travel. My gap year has started off with an internship here in Nashville with the Monroe Carrol Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt and I work with the Children’s Health Department on a project called the Veggie Project, which aims to reduce obesity rates in food deserts by setting up produce stands in low-income neighborhoods and conducting nutrition education sessions with kids that help run the markets.
On my gap year I will venture to Guatemala, where I will volunteer in Antigua with Niños de Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, where I will volunteer in Granada with Building New Hope, and Costa Rica, where I will participate in a farmstay with South America Inside, stay with a host family from last summer, and volunteer with La Tortuga Feliz before flying home. The whole trip will take six months, and I couldnt be more excited!
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The Gap Year Guy

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