Friday, August 19, 2011

Things That Annoy Me #3 - Obscure Car Names

Yesterday, as I was hopping into my grandfather's car, I took notice of it's name- a Ford Explorer. Now, this is not necessarily an obscure name, but it made me think about names of cars and how some of them are obscure, random, or completely made up. That spurred me to do some research into car names (I have quite a bit of free time up here...), and I have come up with this small compilation of car names that, due to their complete obscurity and/or nonexistence in any language, annoy me.

#5: Chevrolet "luv"
Why is it spelled that way? That is not a word. Spell it "love." I like to think that they were in a hurry to get it out onto the market so they put some moron in charge of putting the name on it. And, it's a pickup truck. What kind of manlyman looking for a pickup to haul his whatever is going to buy a car named "luv?" Dumb. Just dumb.

#4: Oldsmobile Alero Alero is not a word. In any language. Who came up with this? Did someone show up to the company meeting and forget that they were supposed to come up with the name?
Boss Guy: "So Bob, what name have you picked out?"
Bob: "Ummmm.... Alero...?"

#3: Chevrolet Lebaron Is supposed to be a french name or something? I guess they were aiming for the more sophisticated consumers...

#2: Pontiac Aztek Again, misspelled. But wait... OH MY GOD IT IS SO UGLY! Forget about tailoring products to falling literacy rates - this is a downright eyesore regardless.

#5: Dodge Diplmat Hahaha what the hell? Actually, these cars were used as cop cars in a number of movies (and in real life I guess, but that's boring), including Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, The Blob, and is pretty much a main character itself in Beverly Hills Cop(which is an awesome movie). But still, really? Diplomat? As if driving it would make me more capable of settling disputes, or perhaps the car itself alleviates road-rage-instigated arguments. This definitely is the most obscure car name I have ever encountered.

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