Friday, November 4, 2011

My host mom's place and my growing hatred of puzzles

Before I start complaining about my experience with competitive puzzle-assembling, here are some pics of Sandra's apartment. Quaint, huh? I actually might end up finding an apartment or something because Sandra doesn't make near enough food and charges more than twice what it would cost to get a cheap apartment for a month.
Dinner table, living room
My bedroom

Okay, now to the puzzles. I've only been working at this school for two days, so I probably shouldn't be complaining, but the only thing I've done so far is supervise competitive puzzle-assembling. The kids race each other to compete puzzles that have the same number of pieces. And it would actually be fun if it weren't the only thing I was doing. Well, actually it's not the only thing I've been doing. This morning I sat in a first grade class to "help" the teacher, meaning I sat in a chair and handed her markers when she needed them. Ugh. I need to find something to do that involves actively teaching the kids.

It's supposed to rain this weekend for the first time here in like... a really long time since it's the dry season. As if I need anything else to add to my Eeyore-ish attitude. For those of you that don't recognize that reference, I'm sorry your childhood was so deprived.

Okay, I need to end on a positive note. Hmm lemme see... Oh I found this really cool hole-in-the-wall gym in Ciudad Vieja that only costs around 12 bucks per month to attend. It's like something you would see in a boxing movie where the guy is really poor and training to... do something. I dont really know where I was going with that.

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  1. "for those of you that don't recognize that reference, Im sorry your childhood was so deprived" Great line. Truth.