Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Salsa-ing, pickpocketers, and lots of tea

Last night some physical therapy students that are staying with my host family took me out to teach me to salsa. Wow. I am really, really bad at it. And I was the only gringo in the entire place. To my fellow gringos, I apologize for so poorly representing you (even though that representation was probably accurate).

Okay a bit more interesting of a story- today I was walking to the school from the bus stop in Ciudad Vieja and a guy comes up smiling and apparently wanting to chat. Usually people are pretty friendly towards me and we exchange hellos and how are you doings as I pass, but this guy was being a bit too friendly. When he acted like he was going to hug me is when I knew something was definitely up. As I tried to avoid him I saw out of the corner of my eye that his hand was reaching for the pocket that held my wallet. I spun around, mustered up the meanest look I could make (thanks, Dad for the training...), gave him a nice little shove (okay, maybe it wasn't so nice or little and perhaps it was a bit more than a shove, but it's not like i'm about to politely shove someone who just tried to rob me - as a matter of fact I don't think its possible to politely shove someone) towards the sidewalk, and walked away. Note to self- carry my knife from now on in Ciudad Vieja.

Well I put "lots of tea" in the title thinking I had something to write about but I completely forgot what I was going to say. There's really no story behind it. I've just been drinking a lot of tea. That is an incredibly boring thing to write in a blog post. I apologize.

And just to make this post even more random than it already is, here are a few photos:
Looking through the arches of the Palace of the Captains-General, built in 1558 and refurbished a number of times since after earthquakes. Today it holds a few government offices and a museum.

The view from where I work everyday.
Well, that is all for now.

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  1. Nice photo of the arches, Cullen. Very nice.
    And that's a good blog post, too, including the report that you're drinking "lots of tea." :)